After Care

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Looking for the best in Kitchen Worktops and Bathroom Fittings. Then with our range of materials and expert service, you’ll find exactly what you need whether it’s quartz, granite or marble in order to help you to improve the look of your home. Not only that but you can ensure that the future of your worktop and tiles are secure with our care and maintenance guarantees should the worst happen. At Adores Granite, we ensure that all our customers understand how to provide the best care for their new luxury Kitchen Worktops or Bathroom Fittings. We are here to help you understand how best to protect your new surfaces from heat damage, stubborn stains and spills and types of cleaning agents to use to not expose your surfaces to chemicals or solvents that can cause damage. Many of our suppliers will provide you with a Life Plan warranty, ensuring that you have the cover you need for your luxury Kitchen Worktops and Bathroom Fittings.
Adores Granite Ltd.

Cover against Scratches and Cracks

We care deeply about our customers and their new purchases, that’s why we provide only the best and highest quality materials, which leave you with the best Kitchen Worktops and Bathroom Fittings in the country. Many of our leading suppliers offer anti – scratch and anti – crack resistance as standard, meaning that should the worst happen, you’re fully covered. We always make sure that our clients fully understand the warranties and guarantees available to them from our leading suppliers. We will be on hand to help with registering the clients material, so the benefits of protection are in place from the start, providing our clients the peace of mind expected from their purchase. This allows our clients to enjoy it’s beautiful look, excellent finish and workmanship for years to come.

Peace of Mind for our Customers

Our guarantee around the quality and longevity of our materials, Kitchen Worktops and Bathroom Fittings means that not only can you enjoy how they look but that they can also help you with reducing the maintenance required for them and are a dream for homeowners. They are so easy to maintain it really is a breath of fresh air, allowing you to wipe off any excess with ease rather than putting in the effort to maintain them as you’ll find with other materials used for surfaces in the home. We can fit our quartz and natural stone solutions in a wide variety of styles, sizes and shapes, with efficiency and care that goes beyond what you’ll find elsewhere. You’ll also discover that we can install and fit your new Kitchen Worktops or Bathroom Fittings in a time that suits you, we work efficiently so that you can enjoy your home in peace.

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From us offering you guarantees on our workmanship, to our leading suppliers providing you Life Plan warranty cover on numerous materials and further guarantees on scratches and cracks, today is no better time to start exploring the exceptional choices available to you. What are you waiting for? Call us today and we can help you to create a truly wonderful new addition to your home at a very affordable price.