Why Marble?

A natural addition to any home, marble is a wonderfully curated piece of natural material that brings any area to life. Its natural composition means that it is perfectly suited to areas like the kitchen and bathroom where its true beauty can be realised.

While it is technically considered to be a soft stone, marble is remarkably strong. Its natural hard-wearing make up means that it can take years of use and still look at its very best.

Marble’s longevity means that it has been in use for thousands of years for both decorative and practical uses and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. It really is a truly unique and wonderful material.

Marble for the Bathroom or Kitchen

As a naturally beautiful material, marble’s other characteristics are often forgotten about. Perfect for the bathroom or kitchen when it comes to the installation of a new surface, marble’s beauty hides its ability to also be a tough and durable material. Its longevity is the reason why many customers choose to have marble worktops installed in their kitchen or use it as part of their bathroom. It’s easy to clean, tough, durable, practical and great to look at.

Marble for the Fireplace

When it comes to the living areas of your home, nothing brings it quite together like a professionally fabricated fireplace. Fireplaces come in many different shapes and sizes but a fireplace built with marble really stands out. Whether you want to reinvent the look of your living room or use a marble fireplace as the centrepiece of it, there’s no doubt that you’ll breathe new life into your home with one. Contact us today for more information on marble fireplaces, work surfaces and so much more.

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    Types of Marble

    We have a range of marble styles on offer, including the following:
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